20th Anniversary

Two decades ago we formed up to be AKANOID! A long way lies behind us with busy, spectacular and silent times, but nevertheless we gonna celebrate our 20th birthday with facebook posts of memories, songs, clips and of course a new physical release later this year. We hope you stay with us! Cheers!


It has been quite a long time since we released our last album "Civil Demon" and now, after 6 years it is time for "NOI" which clearly is a very personal and autobiographic statement to us. We took our time to let this album grow until we had a tracklisting we felt was complete. We captured our favorite atmosphere and tunes and combined it with lyrics that deal with things that really picture and express ourselves. For sure this album has a variety of stylish influences and ingredients which is typical for AKANOID but in general we wanted to get back to our old strentgh in electronic and quite alternative dance music. So if you feel you wanna deal with it. Sneak in ;)

New Single "This Night"

We decided to pick "This Night" as the first single release of "NOI" because we consider the track in the just right mood for the season, as well as a short, well structured statement for the album. As the song itself is about preparing for the perfect night out with the right guide, we asked our current photographer Ina, to shoot some atmospheric pics out in cities...check it out on youtube!